Our number one specialty is taking care of your orthopaedic needs. You deserve the best treatment options available, and that takes a specialist.

Here you will find excellent and exceptionally skilled orthopaedic physicians who know what you need to begin healing and “Get Back Out There.”

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Paul A. Abbey, M.D.

Malcom E. Baxter, M.D.

Daniel J. Burval, M.D.

Jon P. Cornelius, M.D.

Brandon H. Downs, M.D.

James M. Fish, D.O.

Christopher P. Kauffman, M.D.

Melvin D. Law, Jr., M.D.

William C. Mayfield III, M.D.

Steven G. McLaughlin, M.D.

Gregg A. Motz, M.D.

Stephen M. Neely, M.D.

Michael L. Reid, M.D.

R. James Renfro, Jr., M.D.

Steve G. Salyers, M.D.

Marc A. Tressler, D.O.

Joseph A. Wieck, M.D.